A little light pooping

Well, if your summer has just been in the toilet so far, take a look at this project for a smile (I hope). We’re talking about the Projector IllumiBowl. We all struggle with bright lights while we are still half asleep in the morning. Even worse, staggering into the bathroom in the middle of the night to a rude awakening… literally. That blinding light pops on and you are temporarily paralyzed as your eyes adjust. This is the issue IllumiBowl sets out to fix.  Continue reading A little light pooping

Find your voice with orii

Technology has helped us create a truly amazing life. No longer do we have to wait for almost anything. With today’s push for immediacy, we can be immensely more productive. The downside to this fantastic life that has been created is that we have begun to live virtual social lives on our phones instead of making memories with friends in person. Origami Labs has seen this issue and developed a new kind of smart ring to help — Orii. Continue reading Find your voice with orii

Mouse Ledge Brings the Mouse Back to the Laptop

Laptops provide all the computing power and convenience in a tight package. However, mobility comes at a cost. Laptops trade the traditional and better performing mouse with a trackpad because it’s hard to use a mouse on a plane, car, or train. The Mouse Ledge brings the mouse back to the laptop for any mobile use… and we got to try it out. Continue reading Mouse Ledge Brings the Mouse Back to the Laptop

Enjoy your music without being in your own world

Although headphones may be a great way of immersing yourself in the music, they also have a nasty tendency to isolate you from external noises that you need to hear, such as ringing phones or people who are yelling at you. Electrical/computer engineer Shari Eskenas first attempted to address this situation with her SoundBrake device. Now, after a successful crowdfunding campaign, she’s back with the new-and-improved SoundBrake 2.0. We gave the thing a whirl. The basic idea is still the same. Continue reading Enjoy your music without being in your own world

Plastic Welding is the New “Not Glue”

3D printing changed the world of innovation over the past 5 years. However, when simply repairing or filling in gaps, not much exists on the market. Superglue offers a brittle, quick-dry agent that temporarily fixes small issues. When you need a plastic repair, BondicEVO offers a liquid plastic welding tool that makes plastic fixes on-the-go. Continue reading Plastic Welding is the New “Not Glue”

Macbook Dongles get on my nerves.

Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro made quite a splash when it was introduced in October 2016. The new OLED Touch Bar stole the show, and the drive toward ever-thinner devices was also on display with the new MacBook Pro models being the thinnest ever. One consequence of making the machines so thin is that every legacy port was removed, leaving the MacBook Pro with either two or four USB Type-C connections and nothing else. Apple’s unpopular solution is a bundle of dongles, which is costly and inconvenient for anyone who needs to connect to most of today’s external devices. The HyperDrive Compact Thunderbolt 3 USB-C hub aims to solve that problem, and it’s available for ordering now in a Kickstarter campaign. Continue reading Macbook Dongles get on my nerves.