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3D Printer Promises to Make Printing Simple

Developers have saturated the market with 3D printers. So 3D printers have been forced to innovate. Innovation produces better, simpler, more complex, and just unique products. The Sculpto+ brings us a simplified, user-friendly machine wither everything you need to print anything you need.

3D printing used to be a complicated ordeal. You needed a knowledge of CAD or SolidWorks and a super expensive machine. New printers cut the price significantly and are trying to make things simpler. So 3D printers cost around $500 instead of $2,000. However, most printers still require a certain amount of expertise.

The developers of Sculpto+ tackled simplification more than anything else. This 3D Printer functions as a plug’n’play needing no prior knowledge of 3D printing. While you can upload your own STL file for printing, the developers focused more on the “Thingiverse.”

3d printer

The Thingiverse provides a sizeable database of printable designs. So you can print a vase, makeup organizer, bracelet, and a many more designs. You can find a huge number of designs in their app. The app organizes favorites and popular designs so that you can find designs that really work.

Additionally, the plug’n’play format makes Sculpto+ super convenient. The lightweight printer plugs in and no additional setup is needed. So the developers provide one of the easiest 3D printers on the market.

While the Sculpto+ offers a lot of great features, it seems a little pricey. Consumer grade 3D printers cost about $500 and some even less. This printer functions about the same with a little less component quality. Lightweight can be good, but Sculpto+ seems a little cheap. Other 3D printers in the same price range come stocked with metal components and sharp designs. Additionally, some printers cost around $300 with metal components.

3d printer

You’re paying for the app. The printer offers nothing exceptionally new. However, the app makes this printer user-friendly to the less tech savvy. Plug’n’play, cheap build, and user-friendly app, they all set the tone for the Sculpto+. It’s easy.

While “easy” makes the printer what it is, it lacks the pizzazz and functionality of other 3D printers. And let’s be honest, 3D printers provide a platform for makers. The general population doesn’t need to make a vase with a 3D printer. So the target audience for the Sculpto+ may be a small sect of people.

Overall Scuplto+ appears to accomplish what it sets out to do. It makes 3D printing easy. The free app simplifies the experience so anyone can do it. The developers are seeking funding on Kickstarter exceeded their goal with over $75,000 raised and 27 days to go. Let us know what you think of the Sculpto+ in the comment section!

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