A little light pooping

Well, if your summer has just been in the toilet so far, take a look at this project for a smile (I hope). We’re talking about the Projector IllumiBowl. We all struggle with bright lights while we are still half asleep in the morning. Even worse, staggering into the bathroom in the middle of the night to a rude awakening… literally. That blinding light pops on and you are temporarily paralyzed as your eyes adjust. This is the issue IllumiBowl sets out to fix. 

Some people got smart and added a night light to their facilities. The overachievers go a step further and use a motion detecting night light. Now we have bowl illuminators that just add light inside the porcelain throne. In any case, what would make your midnight pee break better? I know for me, it would have to be a picture of a poop emoji lighting up in my toilet. Come on… it can’t just be me…

Picture this. You just finish watching the last episode of Doctor Who for the night, and you’re a bit hungry. You grab your midnight snack, and you’re off to bed. But wait a minute. You’ve forgotten something. You can’t expect to fall asleep with a full bladder can you? But you have already gotten in bed with the light off. So now you’re stumbling through the hallway to the bathroom and you feel for the lid. As you lift it, Projector IllumiBowl senses the movement and from the underside of the lid which is now up, projects Nemo in the water. This is good news for two reasons. One, you can see where to aim for your evening business, and two, you don’t need to be bothered with looking for Nemo tonight. Win win!

Now that you realize that you cannot live without Projector IllumiBowl, let me sweeten the deal. For all you parents out there trying to potty train your young son, you can change the image to a target. Yes, your son will have no problem hitting the target when there is an actual target in the potty.

Four images to aim at

On a serious note, the Projector IllumiBowl does indeed have four images that you can change by moving the knob over. It can be secured on the under side of the lid with the sticky side of the night light. And as genius of an idea that this is, there is one thing I see as a negative. As you sit to do your business, it will poke into the middle of your back. It does not stick out too far, but you will no longer have a comfortable back rest for your extended bathroom sessions. If you like this idea, the product, or just want to look to be sure this is real, feel free to take a look at their campaign on Kickstarter. Be sure to leave a comment below and follow our twitter page.

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