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Lately I have been searching, not just for a great product, but for a great campaign. You may have read my article Secret to Success on Campaigns last week detailing what to look for in a good campaign. Today I have to show a campaign with not only a great product, not only a good campaign, but a great campaign. Let’s look at AIR-INK.



Graviky Labs decided to look to produce something that turns “something as ugly as air pollution into something as useful as ink”. This is exactly what they did, and AIR-INK was born. AIR-INK is the first ink made from air pollution. Just 30ml of this amazing idea negates 45 minutes worth of pollution.


Graviky has created a device that attaches to the tailpipe of a car which sifts the air and removes all of the carbon pollutant that the engine creates and collects it as a powder. The polluted powder is then treated and made into waterproof ink that is safe for all uses, even outdoor use. At first AIR-INK will be sold with refillable 2mm, 15mm, 30mm, and 50mm markers and a 150ml screen printing ink set. They will also be selling refill bottles of the ink for these markers. This is a great product, and if you would like to help them get started and get in on the ground floor, please visit their Kickstarter page.



While I was searching through the crowdfunding sites,  AIR-INK stole my attention. Their product has perfect timing as the world stresses over global warming and many other environmentally negative issues. Coupled with the great timing, the Graviky team has run it’s campaign like true professionals. They have answered every question fully and quickly, while using correct grammar and remaining completely professional (including saying that they didn’t know an answer to a question and promptly getting back with the answer). This is the way to run a campaign. The result of a campaign handled in this way is more backers with no bad taste in anyone’s mouths. I look forward to following AIR-INK in the future and encourage you to do the same. Please leave a thought in the comment section below.


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