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AC Unit Uses Mist to Keep You Cool

Your AC unit is working hard as the summer heats up. Unfortunately, this means that your power bill is climbing and energy is being wasted at exceptional rates. The Mistbox combats wasteful energy use by using basic chemistry and science, saving you money and the environment.

As we develop technologically, we use air conditioning more. More houses and office buildings exist than ever, and we tend to stay indoors more often than not. As the summer heats up, we run the air conditioning… a lot. Using our AC units costs a lot in electricity bills. But AC units also emit a lot of CO2. Reducing our AC usage makes sense. But who wants to sweat indoors?

Mistbox uses current AC technology and adds a big energy saver to the side of it. Claiming to be able to cut AC bills by 30%, it reduces the effort needed to cool your home when the temperature rises to uncomfortable levels. Let me walk you through how it works and whether it makes sense.

ac unit

This small contraption attaches to your current, outdoor AC unit and takes a host of readings. It checks the temperature, water filter status, and AC unit status to determine what’s going on around it. When it senses that the temperature is high and the AC unit is working hard, the Mistbox gets to work.

The Mistbox fires mist into the air surrounding the AC unit. This allows the AC unit to suck in the misted air instead of the scorching hot air. When the unit pulls in misted air, it doesn’t have to work as hard to make the air cool. While it seems like a simple and strange solution, the Mistbox has undergone independent, third-party studies to prove that it can reduce costs by as much as 38%.

ac unit


The central unit contains the brain of the Mistbox and communicates via a cellular signal instead of WiFi or Bluetooth. When it senses that it needs a mist, it draws water from a connected hose and into a filter. The filter then supplies water to the misting units. All of this equipment is powered by a turbine that attaches to the top of the AC unit and uses the wind energy from the unit.

Unfortunately, the Mistbox comes with its own set of inconveniences. Since the setup uses cellular signal, it needs a cellular service to make it work. The developers offer the Mistbox as a prepaid annual service with a one-time installation fee. However, they also offer a purchased Mistbox, but the cellular service will still be needed. Overall, as a standalone product without the annual service, this product gets expensive.

The Mistbox provides a wonderful solution to high power bills as our summer heat drives up the cost and a better environment. The developers are offering their product an annual service fee of $99 (waving a $39 installation fee) on Kickstarter.  The campaign just kicked off and exceeded its goal with 51 days still to go. Will this be the new household norm? Let us know what you think of the Mistbox in the comments below!

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