Active Speaker Products are Killing Hiking

Speaker and headphones, everyone makes them. As the years go by, new headphones and new speakers improve our listening experience by small increments. Now, for some reason, developers push out indestructible, overweight, and oversized speaker systems. Gigaboom introduces one more massive speaker that will beef up one arm on a long hike.

Imagine for a moment that you are hiking a beautiful mountain trail, soaking in nature. The quiet, peaceful serenity engulfs you with a sense of relief and calm from the worlds constant buzzing. Then some ignorant hipster marches down the trail blasting Jay-Z. Unfortunately, this world exists.

I hold a certain measure of contempt for people who choose to subject everyone to their music preferences (if you can’t tell). And it is the onset of the lifeproof speakers that perpetuates the fad. The Gigaboom is just another cog in a million-toothed wheel of these speakers.

active speaker

Gigaboom introduces a heavyset, super-durable speaker. It houses a 50 watt speaker system, flashlight, and 20 hour battery. Also, It can survive total submersion, 4,000 lbs of crushing force, and a lot of dust. Overall, the speaker offers an impressive ability to survive almost anything… If you want to lug around a 5 lb speaker.

The developers state that the Gigaboom weighs in at 4.8 lbs. So the speaker gives you a workout as you lug it around. Seriously, my laptop weighs less. My laptop is also much less annoying to the general public. Five pounds is an incredibly heavy weight to lug around for active use as the developers advertise.

active speaker

The Gigaboom isn’t a bad speaker. It offers everything you need for an outdoor, active speaker. However, it offers an outdoor speaker for that rigorous hike into peaceful nature with blasting music.

It should be obvious by now that I’m not a fan of the outdoor, active speaker. Understand, I’m perfectly happy with outdoor speakers… at home. I also like waterproof speakers and the technology involved with these new products. But I hate hiking a trail and bumping into these insufferable, selfish fools who subject the peace to an onslaught of blaring music. These speakers create an increasingly hostile atmosphere in what should be the most peaceful environment.

If disrupting the peace is your thing, check out the Gigaboom on Kickstarter. They raised their funds quickly and are early in their campaign with 32 days left. So let us know what you think of these outdoor speakers in comments.

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