Oscilloscope Modernized

Oscilloscopes have been bulky and inconvenient in the past, but recently have been getting smaller and equipped with a battery making them easier to use in more situations. Since most people have android tablets and iPads these days, why not make oscilloscopes even smaller? The Aeroscope is a small handheld oscilloscope that connects via Bluetooth 4.1 and projects readings to a tablet in real time at rates of 100 million samples per second.

Oscilloscopes read voltage from electronics at rates that are not perceivable to humans. This helps to provide insight on how a product is or is not performing correctly. The goal of an oscilloscope, like the Aeroscope, is to find where the bugs are in the electrical product. When the problem is found it can be isolated and solved.

Aeroscope is a hand held Oscilloscope that reads voltage in a wide range and sends it back to the tablet app via Bluetooth in real time. What sets this product apart from other oscilloscopes is that is it does not have an on-board screen. This makes the Aeroscope ultra portable at the size of a small screwdriver. With its Bluetooth capabilities reaching 100+ feet range, the Aeroscope can really be versatile for all situations it is put in.

Aeroscope Labs brings the Aeroscope to Crowd Supply now for the second time. Its first time around, the goal was set at $100,000. This was steep, and it brought in only 24% of its goal. This time they came in with a different strategy. Realizing that if they do not reach their goal they receive no funds regardless of their earnings, they set as their goal this time a grand total of $1. This strategy is good and bad. It works because they are guaranteed to receive funding, but when the goal is already reached, it lacks a sense of urgency. Though they have comically received 721,400% of their goal, it begs the question of what is the amount that they actually need to get the ball rolling. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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