Airdog X5


The Airdog X5 is a cool new air purifier that is quiet and economical. When I was little I struggled badly with allergies. I was on an inhaler and Claritin D, but my symptoms were still miserable. We decided to use an air purifier to reduce the allergens in the house and it was like a night and day difference. The annoying part about it was changing the filter all the time. It was a hassle to remove and we’d always forget to buy new ones. Airdog has changed the design for purifiers to solve the filter issue and more.


Airdog has a removable filter that can be washed and reused. This is not like other washable filters that make you spent 30 minutes beating it then trying to get the last of the dust out. You can never seem to get those clean. Instead, Airdog filter can be removed, run under water, and put in the dishwasher for your convenience and a total clean.



Airdog has advanced filtration technology that allows it to capture even the smallest particles from the air. This captures particles as small as 14.6nm (14.6 billionths of a meter) which includes viruses and bacteria. There is no doubt that the addition of Airdog to your home gives you a cleaner house and a more healthy environment.


Airdog is quiet. It has six operating modes so that it does not use more energy than needed. It will auto adjust to the air quality in the room. It even has a sleep mode that produces nearly silent filtration. With its aerodynamic interior, it is able to suck in more air easier so that it does not have to work quite as hard. These systems and changes that Airdog has introduced are truly innovative and extremely welcome in today’s market. Check them out on Indiegogo and let us know what you think below.


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