Aire – Your Home Helper Flying Robot

Robotics, home security, Alexa, and much more all combined to create a device that makes you do a double take.  We are talking about Aire. This expertly designed flying robot comes to help and provide entertainment in your home.


Aire is a self-flying robot, but it touts many more possibilities than just that. Three cameras cover you for any situation for remote viewing. The main front camera offers 4K video and image capabilities, but the back camera has 3D capabilities. The final camera, located near the bottom, helps with flight and specifically landing.


Controlling Aire is simple and intuitive. The two methods of control offered in the flying robot are via the app and voice commands. Voice commands registered through Alexa are performed just as well as she can understand them. Using the app, however, you can control it from anywhere in the world. In the app, you view through the front camera, but it also allows you to use the on-board speakers as well. This makes it possible to join in on special events even when you are not able to be there physically.

Aire is specifically designed for indoor flight. It contains 360° obstacle avoiding sonar so you never run into walls or damage it. Fabric covers the outer layer of the robot giving it an ultra quiet flight sound. This ensures that you will not have trouble talking over it.


One thing I saw that has the potential to be a problem is the steadiness of flight. While photographing or videoing, Aire is in flight trying to hover, but inevitably it will sway or wiggle. You may find your videos shaky and your images a bit blurred, but in the end, we all have phones for pictures. As long as you are in person, I would recommend using an alternative option.

Right now, Aire is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Prices start at $699 with shipping set to take place in September 2018. If you like Aire, or have any critiques, let us know in the comment section below.

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