AR Glasses make a comeback

Since Google Glass was first released, people have been looking for another option that isn’t as conspicuous since it can be kind of strange to walk around with something so obvious. Today, something a little more discrete was launched on Kickstarter, called Alpha Glass. They are a pair of on-lens display AR glasses that feature a natural design. They look almost like any other pair of glasses but with the tech that allows them to do all that cool AR action.

The glasses have a wide, 30º field of view along with an internal optical system inside the frame that displays content right on the surface of the lens. The creators say that this technology is based on the Separated Modular Optical System technology, which claims to provide the world’s smallest wide vision system without any external parts. Using projectors from the front corners and the nose piece, the image is displayed clearly onto the lens.

Closer to the ears, there are bone conduction speakers so that you can hear without something sticking in your ear. Also on the left arm is a mic that you can use for voice commands. And finally, the front part of the left arm there is a 5 MP camera that sends pictures straight to your phone. However, this is only compatible with Android for now.

The technology is here, but it just needs to be perfected. While Alpha Glass is the best example of AR glasses that I have seen so far, there are still a few things to keep in mind. They are advertised as a lookalike for black rim glasses, but they are a bit bulkier. The sides are a bit wider and taller, but this is to be expected. Still, they only weigh about 2.8 oz. Another thing to keep in mind is the price. It is still newer technology so it will be pricier, but you can find it on Kickstarter for 28% off the retail price of $999.

Check it out on Kickstarter for a closer look at the Alpha Glass where they are just getting under way with 8% funding and 40 days to go. It may not be to Tony Stark’s standards, but it would be cool to have your own pair. Do you have any dreams about tech like Alpha Glass? Let us know in the comment section below.

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