Inside the Smart Water Bottle

I recently released an article introducing the AquaGenie. This smart water bottle helps you stay hydrated based on your body’s needs. In order to bring more information to you, I contacted the developers for some detailed information beyond their campaign page. 

The developers created the AquaGenie to be a simple, intelligent water bottle. Using smart technology paired with an app, this bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated. In the event that you are lagging in your water drinking habits, the AquaGenie lets you know with a flashing reminder light.

We’ve detailed some important design features of the AquaGenie in our previous article. However, I know that Kickstarter campaigns usually don’t give you all the details. Therefore, I contacted the developers to gain greater insight into what makes this bottle great, and what we can expect from the developers in the future.

Battery Life

The AquaGenie houses a Lithium-ion battery, which is one of its greatest features. However, the campaign does not provide a lot of detail on that battery. The developers claim that the battery lasts approximately one week after reaching full charge in an hour. So we reached out to the developers for some greater detail.

We wanted to know some more specifics on the battery, but, unfortunately, there aren’t many. The developers are still working on the final, production design. Therefore, they couldn’t provide us with any technical specs for the battery. What they could tell us is that the technology uses very little battery. According to Dave Winkler, “our patent pending solution… is very light on battery usage to measure water consumption.” We did want a little more specific information, but that will have to wait till production units are completed.


The AquaGenie is advertised as a sport bottle as well as a daily-use water bottle. Consequently, we wanted to know how much abuse it can take. The common test for durability is the drop test, so we asked about it. Once again, the developers are working on conducting those tests. However, the developers assured us that they designed the bottle to certain strength standards by design professionals specifically for stress testing.

Internal Memory

While the AquaGenie keeps track of your consumption via an app, we wanted to know if it kept an internal memory as well. We wanted to make sure that the smart bottle keeps track of your consumption without having to always be connected to a smart device. Dave Winkler gave us some great insight into the design. “The bottle can track usage independently and this drink data is stored on internal memory. That information is then synched with the mobile app (and whatever else it may be connected with, like other fitness dashboards) at next connection.”

Wrapping It Up

The developers are still finalizing the details on the AquaGenie. Unfortunately, that means that specifics are still a little hazy. Overall, the AquaGenie appears to have a solid concept and design. The Kickstarter campaign is progressing steadily. The campaign has achieved over $25,000 of their $75,000 goal with 28 days left. We will be keeping in touch to see if the developers provide any updates on these specific questions. Let us know if you have any additional questions for the developers in the comments below!


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