Water When You Need It

Most of us struggle to drink the right amount of water. As noble as our goals are, we just fail to keep that New Year’s resolution and fitness goal. The developers of AquaGenie created the perfect companion to keep you accountable and make drinking water a priority.

The Concept

Many health fanatics create their own standard of how much water to drink in a given day. For instance, some claim that you should drink your bodyweight in ounces; others say drink two thirds of your bodyweight in ounces. I could continue with these claims… However, every body needs different amounts of water, and most people fall short of a healthy routine.

AquaGenie was developed to combat bad habits by reminding you to drink water regularly. Using a Bluetooth connection, the AquaGenie tells your FitBit, Smartphone App, or Apple Health Dashboard how much you’ve been drinking. The App compares the amount of water you’ve had to drink with your daily goals and keeps a record of your habits.

The Guts

The premise is nice, but let’s get into the specs a little more. The developers built the AquaGenie with a 20oz capacity. Unfortunately, that means that the bottle will take quite a few refills to reach goals. However, the size makes this bottle perfect for active uses.

Additionally, the AquaGenie can survive a whole week on its Li-ion battery. While the rechargeable battery provides convenience, the developers also included wireless recharging. The smart bottle can be set on the wireless charging pad and recharges in just an hour for a week of life.

The developers built the AquaGenie with an illuminated indicator ring. This ring lights up with red, yellow, or green to let you know if you are on track for your daily water consumption goals. Similarly, the Jül Smart Thermos includes a temperature indicator on its base. While we do not believe any ideas were shared or stolen, it is always fascinating to see new trends in technology.

The developers built the AquaGenie for active people. However, they have also shown the benefits of tracking a child or an elderly persons drinking habits. Consequently, this tracking feature could bring greater awareness to personal health, as well as ensuring better health habits in seniors and adolescents.

Overall, I like the concept of the AquaGenie. It provides wireless capabilities without a hefty price tag or unwieldy size. The Kickstarter special prices the bottle at $40 with the market price being $70. However, the smart bottle needs more funding on Kickstarter as it has only achieved $17,000 of their $75,000 goal.  Let us know if you are picking up an AquaGenie in the comments below, and we will be actively seeking out more information on this innovative water bottle.

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