Is Dancing the New Gaming?

Motion tracking for martial artists and dancers? Atomic Bands was created for just that. Built with rhythm training and built-in sound, this unique motion tracker brings a special product to the market. Dance and martial arts training is tough and takes training. Atomic Bands helps you stay disciplined and technically proficient.

Motion tracking has been improving for a multitude of purposes. Xbox Kinect and the Wii brought it into the gaming sphere with an emphasis on being active and staying fit. Atomic Bands has a similar strategy but as a standalone platform. The developers have a specific view of using the motion tracking bands for martial arts and dance. While Atomic bands is similar to previous motion trackers, it does market to a new audience.

Atomic Bands are smart Bluetooth wrist devices that utilize gyroscopes, onboard audio, and built-in games. The bands come as a set of two that connects to both Android and Apple devices. Having been built with microhammers, it was made to help you master rhythm. For artistic flair, the bands include LED lights and OLED screens. The wireless bands can charge on a wireless charging base keeping the whole setup wire free. And finally, the Atomic Bands are independent of any console device making it completely mobile.

Mobile motion tracking is an intriguing concept and marketing it to dancers and martial artists is unique. Unfortunately, this focus group is not as interested in wearable technology, which makes Atomic Bands a hard sell. Additionally, the games are preloaded onto the bands, and there seems to be no additional games at this time. I am concerned about the lack of game development support for an independent device and developer.

CES 2017 featured Atomic Bands  as one of the Top New Gadgets. Reaching into a new focus group, it is a tested and proven product with lots of potential and innovation. While there are plenty of obstacles between their IndieGoGo campaign and the market, fitness games are a popular genre and the bands provide a new twist. Tell us if you think it can take off on the market in the comments below!

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