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Delux Vertical mouse helps reduce wrist problems

When it comes to your workstation, we’ve paid plenty of heed to your wrist with wrist pads for your mouse and keyboard and ergonomically sound mice. But we see far more equipment helping your back, legs, and eyes in the everyday office.  Even though there are plenty of specialty mice on the market, we still need to keep our thoughts in place for preventing wrist issues like carpel tunnel. Here to help is a new wireless mouse, the Delux Vertical Mouse.

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AR Glasses make a comeback

Since Google Glass was first released, people have been looking for another option that isn’t as conspicuous since it can be kind of strange to walk around with something so obvious. Today, something a little more discrete was launched on Kickstarter, called Alpha Glass. They are a pair of on-lens display AR glasses that feature a natural design. They look almost like any other pair of glasses but with the tech that allows them to do all that cool AR action. Continue reading AR Glasses make a comeback

Fully equipped survival flashlight

For the outdoorsman, there is a new survival tool working its way to the market, but not the traditional type that you would think. Survival knives are a dime a dozen these days, but in today’s technological world, how about a technology that can help you survive even in the coldest winter? Introducing Pyyros, the ultimate survival flashlight. Continue reading Fully equipped survival flashlight

evaporative air cooler

Keeping my house cool while keeping my power bill low has always been a challenge. And when I do get the house cool with my AC, the air is so dry that I am forced to put lotion on all the time. If you have been reading articles from Vox Inventum, you know that we are always looking for products that solve every day issues. And that is just what the Quilo Fan does. Continue reading evaporative air cooler

another step for safety on the road

Recently, I have had the misfortune of having two screws puncture each rear tire of my MAZDA. After struggling with tires that I had to continue to reinflate, I finally removed the screws and patched the holes, but not a month later, there were two more screws waiting for me to deal with. The way I realized that I had an issue was seeing a flat tire. With new technology by Nonda, I could have saved immense wear and tear on my tires. ZUS is a sensor installed on each tire that measures tire pressure and alerts you when there is an issue. Continue reading another step for safety on the road

Creator’s guide to circuits and tech

Pighixxx has been making circuit diagram art for a few years now, and has just come out with a book that’s available on Kickstarter. He started out making very pretty and functional pinout diagrams for many microcontrollers, and then branched out to modules and development boards like the Arduino and ESP8266. His graphical style has been widely copied, which truly is the sincerest form of flattery. Continue reading Creator’s guide to circuits and tech