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Secret to Success on Campaigns


Here at Vox Inventum we gravitate toward crowd funding sites with the goal of exposure for small companies with new ideas. I have noticed several campaigns over multiple crowd funding sites that fall short of their funding goal and in turn get nothing from their campaign. In this article, I will be going over a few things to optimize the chances for a successful campaign. Continue reading Secret to Success on Campaigns



We have all heard people say safety first. In fact, you will go through safety meetings in almost all job situations. As someone with a landscaping background, one of the biggest things I worry about is my ears while I am around loud equipment. I use foam earplugs most of the time and they work great. What I do not like about them is that it takes time for them to put in and inflate. Once they are in you have to take them back out to talk to anyone.  EAROS ACOUSTIC has taken the challenge and created the EAROS One. Continue reading EAROS One

Airdog X5


The Airdog X5 is a cool new air purifier that is quiet and economical. When I was little I struggled badly with allergies. I was on an inhaler and Claritin D, but my symptoms were still miserable. We decided to use an air purifier to reduce the allergens in the house and it was like a night and day difference. The annoying part about it was changing the filter all the time. It was a hassle to remove and we’d always forget to buy new ones. Airdog has changed the design for purifiers to solve the filter issue and more. Continue reading Airdog X5



Recently I switched to the iPhone 7. It is a great phone with better visuals, sound, and great connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi. One thing that has been removed from the iPhone 7, that has been included on every iPhone and any other phone, is the headphone jack. I was a little concerned about this because I love to use my apple headphones, but now I cannot use them unless it is unplugged from the power source. If you want to be able to have your device plugged in and still use your old headphones, you should take a look at AirJack.

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SELFLY is a phone case camera that flies. This is a genius replacement for your selfie stick that takes pictures and videos. It is a two piece phone case, part of which detaches and flies around. This section streams its view directly to your phone which can be set to follow you or set to be controlled, allowing you to capture exactly what you are wanting to see.

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