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MagBlend is a new workout bottle with safeguards not seen in any other such product. The workout mixers that I normally use have the floating whisk. But in order to mix it well, it requires a good bit of time and energy. Electronic mixers seem much easier and more thorough. There is only one problem with them; they cannot break apart easy enough to wash adequately. The blades are connected to the bottom and it is almost impossible to take them out for cleaning every time. MagBlend has solved that issue and more.

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Today I got home from work and relaxed to some Netflix on my phone. I was soon to get the dreaded “low battery” alert just before it was time to run a few errands. I like keeping my portable battery charger with me but today it was not charged either. I need something that I can carry in my pocket to power my devices that I will not have to keep charging separately. I love the idea of solar chargers and that is why PocketPower caught my eye. Continue reading PocketPower


As I look through startups and new products being built, I am always on the lookout for products that fulfill a need I see in everyday life. One that I have always struggled with is my phone cords. They are always breaking or wearing out and I am sick of it. I found a product that should solve my dilemma called Magcord. Magcord is a charging cord that connects your phone to a USB port ensuring that you do not rip it out of your phone by accident. But there are more perks than you would think at first glance.

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