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The Console Sized Gaming Case


The vast number of gaming hobbyists is growing and PC gamers are no exception. PC gaming is known to have a higher upfront cost but with greater longevity, which is why we are seeing more long-time gamers building their PCs. When picking out computer parts, the case is often the most difficult decision. SENTRY brings a console-sized gaming case with impressive specs to the gaming community. Continue reading The Console Sized Gaming Case



As much as we pine for a wireless world, charging cables and computer connectors are still a large part of our life. Each smartphone is equipped with a different cable that is incompatible with another and each major smartphone brand has their phone specific cable that costs more than we like to pay. MACNETO proposes a convenient and smart solution that eliminates the need for multiple cables. Continue reading MACNETO

Path to Success: Week 1


This is the first post outlining the best and brightest crowdfunded projects. The purpose of Vox Inventum is to promote project that we consider to be unique and breakthrough inventions. Path to Success is our way of keeping you updated on the progress of bringing those special products to market. Be sure to check in and see our weekly update on products we find noteworthy and special! Continue reading Path to Success: Week 1