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HELIO: The Lackluster Reveal of Nothing New

I recently wrote a quick overview of the HELIO, but I’d like to delve a little deeper. Solar technology received a huge push over the past few years and powerbanks are no exception. Unfortunately, this push included guilt tripping you into buying the product. But I’ll focus on HELIO and what it has to offer. Continue reading HELIO: The Lackluster Reveal of Nothing New

LED Light Strips Get An Upgrade

garageCube designed a user-friendly, adaptable LED kit for stage design and performance art. It transforms visual art into a beautiful array of lights without the thousands of dollars needed for spotlights and controllers. We usually provide you with consumer grade tech reviews. However, LED offers something a little more professional.  Continue reading LED Light Strips Get An Upgrade

Universal Controller for All Games

Game controllers evolve with game systems. Every system creates their own controller with their own gimmicks. Consequently, every controller presents their own unique compatibility issues. The ALL Controller was created to function with any and all modern systems with complete customizability making it a true universal controller.  Continue reading Universal Controller for All Games

Wireless Tech Draws Exploitation

Wireless headphones struck a chord with the audio world. However, the transition to wireless tech takes time. Companies like Apple attempted to push the technology forward too quickly. So small developers began inventing devices to make the transition simple and transform your wired headphones into wireless tech. Unfortunately, some developers take advantage of a situation. Continue reading Wireless Tech Draws Exploitation

Active Speaker Products are Killing Hiking

Speaker and headphones, everyone makes them. As the years go by, new headphones and new speakers improve our listening experience by small increments. Now, for some reason, developers push out indestructible, overweight, and oversized speaker systems. Gigaboom introduces one more massive speaker that will beef up one arm on a long hike. Continue reading Active Speaker Products are Killing Hiking