A 360 Camera As A Watch


Wearable technology has evolved in the most innovative ways making desktop technology stuff that you take with you. Watches are the new focal point of the wearable technology genre and Beoncam offers a unique twist on the watch.


While most watches are striving toward becoming a smart device with similar capabilities to your smartphone, the Beoncam is built to be primarily a 360° camera on your wrist. Bringing a camera on-the-go can be a burden, but putting the camera inside your watch may make things a little easier. The vision of Beoncam is to make capturing that special moment possible at any point in time without having to cary the extra equipment.


The Beoncam is built for convenience and simplicity. The watch has only three buttons that turn the camera on or off, captures video, or captures an image. The camera is built to capture 360° with a 190° FOV. The watch holds a 5MP camera and the ability to capture 720p video at 15 frames per second, which is about as much as we would expect from this small of a camera. It does not capture studio quality imagery or video, but does a good enough job to capture a special moment.


Beoncam is equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities to pair up with your smart device. The watch camera uses an App for remote control and sharing. It is also equipped with 8GB of memory for data storage until you can dump the data via USB. An optional waterproof housing can be purchased for the watch at $19 and can withstand depths of up to 20 feet (6 meters), otherwise the Beoncam is only splash proof.


While the Beoncam offers some neat features that we haven’t seen in a smartwatch or wearable, it appears to be a little clunky and limited for its price. The watch rings in at $250 retail (although you can pick up an early-bird watch for $100), which seems steep for a watch of limited ability. Beoncam is seeking funding on IndieGoGo and is seeking $30,000 toward the project.


The 360° camera is a neat accessory of growing popularity, but the usefulness of 360° imagery is limited. The Beoncam did not appeal to us from a fashion standpoint, but let us know if you’d like the watch and why in the comment section below!


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