bike lock

Bike Lock Locks Automatically Using Smart Tech

Bike locks keep your bike safe, but that’s about the extent of their usefulness. Bisecu introduces a mounted bike lock that makes securing your bike easier while tracking your performance.

Bike locks are not pretty pieces of equipment. However, they keep your bike from getting picked up on the street. Bisecu, on the other hand, blends in with the bike while still securing your daily commuter.

bike lock

This bike lock secures onto the front wheel of the bike, and, while locked, cannot be removed. It locks automatically when it senses your phone has moved away so your bike is always secure.

Additionally, Bisecu tracks your speed and distance using an app on your phone. So while it keeps your bike safe, it also helps you improve performance and keep track of your fitness patterns making it the smartest bike lock on the market.

Bisecu is on Kickstarter and has raised over $27,000.

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