Bring Back the Vinyl


I have always loved the authentic sound of vinyl records. The problem is the technology is old, outdated, and generally not compatible with my newer sound system. LOVE Turntable is a new product that keeps the classic nature of the record with it’s crackles and pops, while being portable and Bluetooth compatible.


LOVE is a new and unique way to play records. The base is stationary while the arm spins on the record. This means the base has no motor so it is very thin and easy to pack. The arm connects to the base in the center of the record and spins without putting pressure on the grooves keeping the record safe. This product is compatible with any size or speed of record.




LOVE can be controlled by their smartphone app or by the button on top to play, pause, or skip. To use the app you connect your phone to LOVE via Bluetooth and there you control the track and speed. If you would rather not use your phone as the sound device, you can connect to another speaker, like ONEmicro, and just use the on-board button to control.


A few things to note: I have not seen the storage plans. They have LOVE advertised to be portable and able to fit in a backpack or bag. I am concerned about the needle; with no advertised cover or case, this may be an issue in the future. The price also may put LOVE at a disadvantage. While you can get a record player with adequate sound for $50, LOVE is hitting the market at $599. It is a great idea and has new and innovative features, but is it worth $600? It seems a bit steep. Over all I love the idea and design. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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