C-Safe Keeps Your Smartphone Safe from Thieves

Pickpocketing is a real problem and smartphones are an easy target. It can be hard to find a solution to pickpockets without it being an inconvenience. The C-Safe Pocket Lock protects your phone from pickpockets and keeps your phone from inadvertently falling out of your pocket.

It isn’t everyday that we clutch our belongings in fear of a pickpocket. However, there is always a risk that someone is targeting your belongings. Lumeo Technology developed the C-Safe Pocket Lock to protect your smartphone. And, let’s be honest, our smartphones hold a lot of personal information that could be forever lost to a thief.

The Design

The C-Safe Pocket Lock consists of a link and lock. The lock clamps onto the fabric of your pocket, while the link is attached to your phone. The link fits into a slot on the lock and clicks into place. This locking mechanism uses magnetism as well as a mechanical action to attach the two pieces. The pocket lock can be released with a firm push at a custom angle that you set. Otherwise, the pocket lock holds firm against aggressive yanking.

This smartphone lock protects against would-be pickpockets, but it was also made to be an anti-drop product. Smartphones like to find a way out of your pocket. Sitting at the wrong angle allows your phone to slip out easily. Unfortunately and unknowingly, people leave their phone behind quite often. The C-Safe combats against our own carelessness by hanging on your smartphone until you make it release.

The Drawback

I had some difficulty finding something to complain about with the C-Safe. Lumeo made a simple product with a sleek design and a smart solution to a common problem. However, the link that attaches to the smartphone is only connected by a 3M adhesive. Therefore, the safety and longevity is mostly determined by the adhesive and not the plastic locking system. In the future, the developers would benefit from providing cheap replacement links or a more permanent phone case for various phone types.

As a side note… Their slogan of “Protect your Precious” sounds a bit too much like a Smeagol line from Lord of the Rings.

Overall, the C-Safe Pocket Lock is a neat product with great potential. The pocket lock will be sold around $16 after the Kickstarter campaign, but can be purchased for only $8 as an early bird special. Is this the best solution to pickpockets and unfortunate phone drops? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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