Campaign Suspension Warranted?

AcTech has been working very hard on their new portable entertainment system. ET Mini is everything you need to enjoy hours of pleasure wherever you may find yourself. It seems that there was a misunderstanding between AcTech and Kickstarter resulting in their campaign’s funds being suspended. But the question is, was the suspension necessary?

First, lets look at the product. ET Mini is a small projector with two speakers that can fit in your bag. It’s size gives it the ability to boast portability, while the quality begs intrigue. You can use it for a clear image of up to 120 inches if the lighting is right. the display projector part is on a hinge so you can shine anywhere from straight up at the ceiling to directly to the wall (90°). It is advertised to have a seemingly 360° audio sound with the two on-board speakers. This seems improbable given the size of the device. I have asked for a test product so that I can show you specifically how well it does.

Another nice thing that adds to the portability is the battery. It will last for 2.5 hours which will get you through most movies. But if you are a binge watcher, you can watch while it is plugged in and while it is charging the battery. One concern I had was the noise. Being so small, there have to be some good cooling agents for continuous use. They say that they use a highly efficient cooling system so that the fan does not have to spin so fast while it cools. This makes the machine almost silent so that it will not drown out the sound of your movie.

All in all, it seems like a nice product with good quality. But what about the funding suspension? According to AcTech, since they were well over their funding goal, they decided to go ahead and start production. they had promised the backers their ET Minis would ship as early as May. We’re already in May folks. That is a tall order. If their story is 100% true, I can see why they would start production as early as possible. Obviously they have prototypes out in the media, and Kickstarter saw those, and saw that they were in production and stopped funding. This is also understandable.

They have sent multiple petitions to Kickstarter, but once funding is suspended it is rarely resumed. The Kickstarter campaign is finishing up this morning also so all said I am 99% sure that they will not see a dime. BUT AcTech saw how excited backers were about the ET Mini that they have started a new campaign on Indiegogo that will be running for another two months. If you want to check them out feel free. In the comment section below, let us know if you think they should not have been suspended, or if the red flags have warranted the campaign cancellation.

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