CaptoGlove – Wearable Gaming Controler

With 17 days left on its Kickstarter campaign, CaptoGlove has captured its viewers with a new level of control in gaming. The glove that reads your hand movement is here to offer a realistic experience in games from the past, present, and future.

CaptoGlove is designed for VR but can be used for all devices with Bluetooth capabilities including smartphones. The glove reads individual, specific movements with sensors in all five fingers and general movement with a sensor that reads height and distance. It can replace your mouse, joystick, or controller of any kind. With its preset commands, it is immediately ready for use, but the gestures can be fully customized with ease. Easy customization is key when you are into multiple games. CaptoGlove is compatible with any game out there, and can hold up to 25 keys per glove. If you find that 25 is not enough, simply wear a second glove and you will double the range of commands possible.

In tests, CaptoGlove has proven to be precise and easy to use. You can compete easily with others online with its response time of under 5ms. The battery lasts longer than most people play at a time. If you play longer than its 10 hour life, the glove still works while being charged. However, this may be an issue if you find yourself using the glove for more than gaming because it is also able to control your smart phone or Apple TV.

This gaming glove may hit a few bumps at first. As a PC gamer, I am very used to the controls I have set for my games. Getting used to a new set of controls may take time, but the cool thing about it is, you can set up your own controls. This way, it will be as intuitive as you can make it. For instance, flex your index finger to fire your primary weapon.

As I said before, the campaign has 17 more days, but they have already exceeded their funding goal. It sounds interesting, and I encourage you to check out their campaign. Act fast and get $30 off the list price of $250 through Kickstarter. Let us know if you think this glove is worth that price in the comment section below.

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  1. Wow!!!! This controller is indeed pretty cool. Nothing like having a controller that is precise and responsive all at this same time. Good product review.

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