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Car Phone Mount Uses NanoSuction to Stick

Nano technology seeped its way into every area of consumer tech. The car phone mount is not exception to this epidemic. Fortunately, this epidemic resulted in a wave of technological improvements that keep bettering our lives. Lauco developed the next generation of car phone mounts that doesn’t annoy the crap out of you.

Traditionally, most car mounts attach to the air vent or CD slot. Both of these options present different issues. However, some stick to the dash. The dash-mounted phone mount works best for staying out of the way and maximizing visibility. But the phone clamp creates another issue.

Phone clamps are a huge nuisance. Some clamp with a spring-loaded locking mechanism with a release switch. Others use a magnetic pad and a special case to hold your phone snuggly in place. Both present different problems or require additional equipment.

car phone mount

The Lauco secures your phone using a NanoSuction pad. NanoSuction uses tiny air pockets to suction your phone tightly to the pad. So it secures your phone while being jostled and vibrated on the dash. Lauco takes advantage of micro suction technology and takes the car phone mount to the next level.

The developers created the Lauco NanoSuction pad to withstand extreme temperatures as well as maintaining durability. Since the NanoSuction pad is a focal point of the product, the pad endured extensive design and product testing. Also, you can clean the pad easily with water, wet wipe, or cellophane tape.

car phone mount

Additionally, the base sticks to your dash using an adhesive pad that leaves no residue on the car. This base includes 2 ball joints for more flexibility to get the right angle. Also, the base looks clean, classy, and professional.

The Lauco includes a few question marks in design.

The NanoSuction pad appears to be a wonderful design. However, it needs to be proven. Various surfaces could struggle to stick to the NanoSuction area. The developers provide a special, smooth surface for this problem, but what surfaces can stick? We would like to test the pad before endorsing the technology.

car phone mount

Also, the ball joints of the Lauco are non-locking. This means that, over time, the joints could wear out and become loose. Loose joints will not hold the phone at that perfect angle and will droop under stress.

Overall, the Lauco appears to be a wonderfully sleek car phone mount. It offers everything you need with a bit of polish. The developers exceeded their goal of $5,000 on IndieGoGo and are offering the Lauco for $19 as an early-bird. Beyond IndieGoGo, the Lauco costs $39 (not including shipping). Let us know if the Lauco will make it onto your car dash!


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