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Explore Anywhere with HEXA

I understand that the world is changing and technology is at the forefront of that change. I wonder, though, how we’ll all feel with giant tarantulas constantly roaming our neighborhoods. Yes, they’ll be quieter than Amazon’s drones. But, well, robot tarantulas. Or, more precisely, the new HEXA robot. I know that tarantulas have eight legs and the HEXA only has six. But look at it crawling around and tell me that you don’t know at least one person who, on seeing this, will scream in terror. Continue reading Explore Anywhere with HEXA

Car Phone Mount Uses NanoSuction to Stick

Nano technology seeped its way into every area of consumer tech. The car phone mount is not exception to this epidemic. Fortunately, this epidemic resulted in a wave of technological improvements that keep bettering our lives. Lauco developed the next generation of car phone mounts that doesn’t annoy the crap out of you. Continue reading Car Phone Mount Uses NanoSuction to Stick

Smart Plug – Non-Invasive Edition

We have seen the push for smart homes everywhere recently. In theory, a smart home sounds fantastic and convenient. The downside is the cost. There are plenty of economic options that work great, but they all tend to get in the way. Swidget is different. It seemlessly integrates smart technology into your home without any rewiring or protruding plugs. Continue reading Smart Plug – Non-Invasive Edition

Movement Tracking Makes You the Controller

Wearable tech is a broad field, and developers have taken advantage of the possibilities. The recent developments into VR have introduced a host of new wearable tech made to fit active lifestyles. The e-skin proposes a new way to tackle movement tracking for VR, AR, and MR purposes. However, I see it as being a scientific endeavor. Continue reading Movement Tracking Makes You the Controller

Enjoy the cold with Polar Seal

Hikers, skiers, and trail runners searching for an extra layer to keep them warm during cold weather activities should look no further than the Polar Seal. This new active pullover features integrated heating elements designed to keep the wearer warm even in the coldest of conditions. With up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge, the Polar Seal heated pullover will keep outdoor athletes warm, even on cold winter days. Continue reading Enjoy the cold with Polar Seal

A little light pooping

Well, if your summer has just been in the toilet so far, take a look at this project for a smile (I hope). We’re talking about the Projector IllumiBowl. We all struggle with bright lights while we are still half asleep in the morning. Even worse, staggering into the bathroom in the middle of the night to a rude awakening… literally. That blinding light pops on and you are temporarily paralyzed as your eyes adjust. This is the issue IllumiBowl sets out to fix.  Continue reading A little light pooping

Find your voice with orii

Technology has helped us create a truly amazing life. No longer do we have to wait for almost anything. With today’s push for immediacy, we can be immensely more productive. The downside to this fantastic life that has been created is that we have begun to live virtual social lives on our phones instead of making memories with friends in person. Origami Labs has seen this issue and developed a new kind of smart ring to help — Orii. Continue reading Find your voice with orii