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Protect Yourself… Again


In 1995, IBM came out with the Simon, the first smartphone. Since then, the idea has improved far more than ever imagined at the time and we now have phones more powerful than the computers of that time. We are now faced with new challenges from our phones. Recently we have found that there is some radiation from phones that is harmful when in contact with them. Is Avias Radiation the solution? Continue reading Protect Yourself… Again

The Console Sized Gaming Case


The vast number of gaming hobbyists is growing and PC gamers are no exception. PC gaming is known to have a higher upfront cost but with greater longevity, which is why we are seeing more long-time gamers building their PCs. When picking out computer parts, the case is often the most difficult decision. SENTRY brings a console-sized gaming case with impressive specs to the gaming community. Continue reading The Console Sized Gaming Case



We have all heard people say safety first. In fact, you will go through safety meetings in almost all job situations. As someone with a landscaping background, one of the biggest things I worry about is my ears while I am around loud equipment. I use foam earplugs most of the time and they work great. What I do not like about them is that it takes time for them to put in and inflate. Once they are in you have to take them back out to talk to anyone.  EAROS ACOUSTIC has taken the challenge and created the EAROS One. Continue reading EAROS One