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Charging Adapter Fits All of Your Devices

The open market often produces the best products for the best price. However, with many options comes an enormous amount of plug ends and charging adapters. Innergie 55cc connects to all the major devices and produces up to 65W to charge all your devices… Oh, and it’s tiny.

All laptop brands make their own charging cables. So if you happen to own a couple different devices, you probably own a couple different chargers. In our ever advancing technological world, we still struggle with cable management woes.

Innergie created the Innergie 55cc charging ¬†adapter to take away that hassle and universally charge your devices. It uses some of the latest tech to minimize size and slim down the charging block. It houses a planar transformer that’s 3 times smaller than its predecessor and USB power distribution. The adapter also includes a power overload protection system.

Innergie 55cc includes 7 adapter tips to fit most major brands including: Apple, HP, Samsung, Dell, Sony, and more. These tips allow you to charge anything as small as your phone and as large as your laptop. With the ability to charge up to 65W, it replaces that clunky laptop charger and provides far more versatility.

This charging adapter was built to be small, but also to be smart. To adjust to various devices, it uses 5 different charging profiles. These profiles supply the necessary voltage to charge whatever device you throw at it. This is the spice in the cake that lets you charge your phone or your laptop with the same adapter.

charging adapter

Every new piece of tech lacks something. The Innergie 55cc only includes one USB-C plug. So you can’t plug in two devices at the same time unless you buy multiple adapters. Granted, the adapter still offers a huge upgrade in size and adaptability. However, an oversized version would be a great addition to the Innergie product line.

The Innergie 55cc offers a great alternative to carrying all your clunky charging cables and blocks. The developers exceeded funding on Kickstarter reaching over $100,000 with 38 days left. Let us know what you think of the Innergie 55cc and if you’d be interested in picking one up!

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