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Anyone searching for a new pair of bone conducting headphones may be interested in a new set of both in-ear and off-ear headphones which have been created by CONDUIT Sports. The dynamic bone conducting headphones provide access to touch volume and track controls and offer a dual band design with sound switcher technology and a titanium frame.

The headphones are also equipped with a noise canceling microphone and are sweat resistant allowing you to enjoy workouts and sports without worry of damaging your audio gear. Watch the promotional video below to learn more about the new CONDUIT Sports headphones which are now available to back with pledges starting from $76 and shipping expected to take place during November 2017.

CONDUIT Sports are the first headphones in the world to seamlessly combine In-Ear and Off-Ear technologies. They allow users to either block out the world and hear only the music, or to hear everything around them and the music at the same time. Now you can experience amazing sound wherever you are, no matter what you’re doing.

Traditional headphones and earbuds limit what activities you can safely engage in while listening to music, while existing bone conduction solutions are only useful for times when you want to hear everything. No one wants to hear blaring gym music or people talking on a bus. CONDUIT Sports can be worn around the back of the head, or over the neck. When worn around the head, you can listen to either Off-Ear or In-Ear sound, while when worn around the neck, you can discreetly hide the device under a hoodie or collar and listen to their Bassteck earphones.

I love my Bluetooth headphones that rest on my neck. they are so convenient to use, and I do not have to worry about them snagging on anything. But I cannot hear what is around me. This is why I like the idea of off-ear headphones. It is not new technology, but CONDUIT Sports is the first to offer both in the same headset. If you are interested, feel free to pre-order your own on Kickstarter. Let us know how you see yourself using CONDUIT Sports in the comment section below.

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