cool pillow

Cool Pillow Whenever You Want It

Recent apps and tech have tackled the sleep issue. Moona approaches sleep through your pillow. Using a sleep tracking app and temperature adjustment this pillow insert helps you sleep and wake naturally.

The developers created Moona to help you sleep better and to wake better. The hardware consists of a temperature regulator connected to a pillow insert. So the whole setup lacks visual appeal. However, using a smart app, it adjusts temperature for that perfect, cool pillow. So no waking up and flipping over the pillow.

cool pillow

Sleep technology seems to be a fad now. Moona approaches it in a new and smart way. While I like the idea and design of Moona, it needs to be slimmed down. Currently, the bulky construction makes it a little inconvenient. However, a perfect, cool pillow sounds pretty nice. But you’ll have to pay the price… you can pick one up on Kickstarter for $400.


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