CrossHelmet Changes Your Motorcycle Experience

In a world of increasing connectivity, riders are very interested in gear that not only offers more safety, but also entertainment options like an onboard camera, music controls and group communications. The Crosshelmet X1 offers all that, and more. Like most of these gadgets, it’s Bluetooth-integrated, which should allow communication with cellphones and other electronic gadgets, as well as communication units and possibly smart helmets made by other manufacturers. All the information the helmet collects, including its rear-view camera, is collected in a heads-up display in the front visor.

It looks like any motorcycle helmet, albeit with a styling that looks like it belongs as much on a Stormtrooper as it does atop a motorcycle rider. The CrossHelmet, however, matches that futuristic styling with equally futuristic tech that allows it to function like no other helmet currently in the market. Equipped with a heads-up display (HUD), the helmet can show ride data in real time, allowing you to have easy to valuable riding information all throughout a ride. It can also show routes and navigation information (if it’s paired to your phone), so you can have the benefits of turn-by-turn navigation on a motorcycle just like you do when you’re driving a car.

To ensure the helmet doesn’t impede your view of the road ahead, the CrossHelmet comes with an extra wide visor to ensure excellent visibility both out front and on the sides. Even better, it comes with a rear-view camera, the feed from which can be viewed from the helmet’s integrated HUD. That way, you gain full visibility of your surroundings the entire time, allowing you to see what you’re riding towards as well as what’s coming at you from behind. The HUD, by the way, sits right above your view of the road ahead, so you can quickly glance up to check while keeping an eye out front.

It’s comes with a tech called CrossSound Control that processes all the audio entering the helmet and plays it on the built-in speaker, allowing you to reduce or amplify any particular sound, whether it’s engine noise, wind noise, or the sound of other vehicles on the road. You can manage the sound control settings directly from the accompanying app, so you can raise the sounds you want to hear (like the vehicles actually coming at you) and lower all the noise that you’d prefer to tune out (like your motorcycle engine’s sound).

When paired with your phone, the CrossHelmet comes with a Group Talk feature that allows you to chat with other CrossHelmet users while you ride. That way, you can coordinate with your riding group without having to make a stop, all while facilitating conversations to make riding more fun. It supports voice commands, too, so you don’t have to stop and pull out your phone to make any adjustments.

Since it has an onboard speaker, you can also use the helmet to listen to music while riding. Just pair it with your phone, launch your favorite music app, and queue your playlist, so you can jam to music on a motorcycle without having to wear headphones (which will be dangerous) or play music out loud (which isn’t dangerous, but is very annoying). For added safety when riding at night, they also threw in a safety light that you can switch on to further improve your visibility to other motorists on the road.

CrossHelmet has 29 days left on their Kickstarter campaign. There you can find the helmet on sale for $1,399 which is 25% off MSRP. It seems to be a great product, and if you spend much time on a bike, it is well worth the extra cost.  Would this enhance your riding experience? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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