A Smartwatch to Remember

The smartwatch has taken numerous iterations improving on some features and consistently becoming more expensive. Dagadam LTD has brought another smartwatch introducing new technological development. While still in development and design, the Dagadam Watch introduces a unique twist on a, perhaps, overhashed product.

The Dagadam Watch was designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. Capable of being paired with iOS and Android devices,  this smartwatch comes with a range of apps. From fitness to function, the Dagadam will come preloaded with full range of fitness, music, weather, dialer, and more. In addition to the preloaded apps, the watch will include a 3-day battery life, wireless charging, water resistance, and voice commands.

Dagadam LTD is also developing their own piece of technology called the “Sense” bezel. This touch sensitive ring is planned to be the Digital Crown of the Dagadam Watch. While the Apple Watch introduced the navigation tool of the Digital Crown, the Sense bezel is designed to function as a volume, brightness, zoom, and other tools.

While we like the smartwatch and its ability to pair with iOS and Android, the Dagadam Watch does have setbacks. Many projects in the crowdfunding stage require a certain amount of faith; this project is no exception. Smart devices require a lot of software backing. While the watch will come with a number of preloaded apps, it will need consistent updates and additions to its app loadout. In the event that the smartwatch loses interest, the apps lose their support on this device and this smartwatch falls into obscurity quite quickly.

In addition to concerns in the app department, the Dagadam Watch is slated to cost $300 retail. As a quick comparison, the Apple Watch is priced at $260 for their basic model. As a watch made by a small developer, the Dagadam Watch is an uncertain product with a higher price tag. Additionally, this watch offers little more or different than the Apple Watch. It could, however, market better for Android users.

Dagadam Watch has been in development since 2015 and has reached significant milestones making it a legitimate product. Additionally, their Kickstarter project has reached $75,000 of their $100,000 goal with 42 days to go. While we have our doubts about the innovation of this new smartwatch, you may think differently! Tell us what your thoughts are in the comments below! And be sure to check out our video series, Path to Success.

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