Your Passenger Seat Driver


We have made strides in the innovation of cars; we even have cars that drive themselves now. What if you like your older car but are interested in this new technology? Introducing Dride, a device that connects to your windshield that watches out for safety concerns and lane deviations.


Dride connects to your windshield with a camera on the road. It is equipped with line monitoring and watches for forward collision risks. It alerts you if you begin swerving or if you are getting too close to the vehicle in front of you. You can upload the video to the cloud to warn others of bad conditions or negligent drivers. It even comes in handy in the event of a traffic accident for video evidence.



Dride comes with Alexa for hands-free texting, communicating, and searching. You can sync it with your phone and it will give you driving instructions. Dride has shown how to create a safer atmosphere for driving.


The developers of Dride have made what they call the Dride cloud. The Dride cloud is like DVR for your car. It can save routes and license plate numbers so you can reference them with ease. You can upload footage and show friends anything of note from your trip, and with Alexa, you can even do it as you drive.


Dride is made with the Raspberry Pi which helps developers with its familiar platform. It is capable to connect to Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS. This seems to be a great product with lots of potential. I look forward to seeing it grow and continue helping the roads get safer. Let us know what you think in the comment section below and follow us on twitter @VoxInventum!


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