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DSLR Cameras Just Got An Upgrade

DSLR cameras offer a host of options to every user. Unfortunately, some of us don’t know how to use half of them. Aurga is a new device that helps every user create a clean, semi-professional image using all the camera’s settings. You just point and click.

DSLR cameras are the main household camera. They take beautiful, crisp images and have shutter speeds that can actual capture your kid running on the soccer field. However, most people just use the auto setting or one of the basic settings. We don’t want to take classes to learn aperture, ISO, white balance, and shutter speed. We just want to point and click. But that’s the difference between a good image and a stunning image.

So some developers got together and created Aurga. This simple device hooks into your camera shoe mount and plugs directly into the mini-USB port. It uses 6 preset configurations for different shots including: portrait, landscape, and timelapse.

dslr cameras

So far, it seems pretty basic. But Aurga takes presets to the next level. This device searches the web to find professional images and then automatically adjusts the camera settings to emulate what it sees. So you want to take some quality headshots? Find your favorite headshots that match somewhat closely to your lighting and setting and the Aurga will automatically adjust settings to get close to that. So it takes a lot of guess work and trial and error out of your photography game.

The Aurga includes a USB port to charge your phone. Seems random? I thought so, but it could help you keep your phone alive as you use it to take photos. However, it will also drain the Aurga battery life, so you have to balance the two.

dslr cameras

This DSLR add-on does have its limitations. It can only work with a little over 60 different cameras of the Nikon and Canon variety. Also, while it takes a better shot than some can manage with ye’ ole’ “auto” setting, it doesn’t take a professional grade shot. You won’t be able to pick an Aurga up and start a professional photography business.

Overall, the Aurga is a perfect accessory for those of us who just don’t have an interest becoming professional photographers. Even better, this device prices around $130, which is not bad for a DSLR accessory. The developers are seeking funding on Kickstarter and have already exceeded their goal. You can pick an Aurga up as a Kickstarter reward for only $89.

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