Dual Bluetooth Speakers Strike Again

The magnetic dual Bluetooth speakers appear to be the next fad. Each product gives a new twist on the design. Previously, I wrote about the GoDuo Bluetooth speakers. This time, I’ll introduce you to GEMINI and tell you how it measures up to other dual Bluetooth speakers.

GEMINI uses dual-band Bluetooth technology to produce a stereo experience. With this feature, the speakers seamlessly project music without a delay between speakers. Dual speakers can make sound more dynamic than the traditional standalone speaker.

These speakers are chic and simplistic with a magnetic back. While the speakers produce a smooth, full sound, they can also be mounted to nearly any surface. The magnetic backs are made from a strong NdFeB magnet which holds tightly to any metal surface. Additionally, GEMINI includes magnetic stickers and armbands for more mounting options.

dual bluetooth speakers


The speakers sport a simple and fast connection method. You connect to a single speaker as you would any other Bluetooth speaker. In turn, the speaker relays that information to the slave speaker. The slave and the master speaker produce sound at the same time. This new Bluetooth relay method stormed the market and makes Bluetooth systems a reality.

How does it measure up to the competition? Comparing GEMINI to GoDuo, the speakers appear to equal its competition. Some features make it better. But some features lack the quality of GoDuo.

dual bluetooth speakers

Both speakers sport a magnetic pair of speakers connected via Bluetooth. Both speakers include a mic for voice calls. They also advertise a similar transmission range. However, the developers held their speakers to different standards.

The GEMINI boasts an 8 hour battery life. The GoDuo, however, claims that their pair can last 10 hours. Additionally, the GoDuo upgraded their battery post-Kickstarter. They now claim an additional 20% battery life on top of their original 10 hours.

The GoDuo appears to have better sound. Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to test that. But from the sound tests, the GoDuo appears to win out. Packing hard-hitting base and a smooth sound with small speakers is a challenge. But both provide a decent spectrum of sound. Granted, both brands provide limited sound capabilities due mainly to size. They aren’t Bose.

dual bluetooth speakers

GEMINI gets bonus points for the magnetic accessories. While the GoDuo works on-the-go, they’re primarily a stationary system. The GEMINI advertises as a much more mobile-friendly set. The developers even present the GEMINI as an active speaker for running, biking, or hiking. It can be mounted on your backpack, arm, or wall. Therefore, the increased flexibility is better than the GoDuo.

Dual Bluetooth speakers introduce a new way to experience music. They bring stereo listening to your desk and the road. While standalone Bluetooth speaker won’t go out of style, the dual speaker system could change the market.

dual bluetooth speakers

GEMINI has achieved about $30,000 of their $5,000 goal on Kickstarter. They completed design and are selling a completed product through their Kickstarter campaign. It should be noted that the GEMINI is not a prototype or beta. It’s a complete product. A GEMINI costs $69 on Kickstarter and will be available for $99 retail. Let us know what you think about the GEMINI and dual Bluetooth speakers in the comments below!

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