We have all heard people say safety first. In fact, you will go through safety meetings in almost all job situations. As someone with a landscaping background, one of the biggest things I worry about is my ears while I am around loud equipment. I use foam earplugs most of the time and they work great. What I do not like about them is that it takes time for them to put in and inflate. Once they are in you have to take them back out to talk to anyone.  EAROS ACOUSTIC has taken the challenge and created the EAROS One.




EAROS is a hearing protection product geared towards music connoisseurs for a safer and more enjoyable experience. EAROS takes sound and filters it to your ears giving you only safe sounds. It does not take batteries and it is not rechargeable. It is designed to work as a filter without being an electronic ear piece. This product has the potential to be a helpful addition to anyone’s life and protect hearing for our futures.



EAROS has a great idea and for most high volume situations it would be perfect. Though they did have one comment to their Kickstarter about a safety concern. The EAROS team says that it can protect from extreme loud noises like gun blasts, and a commentor had an interesting perspective.


I work in hearing conservation and I am always excited about new products that can help people protect their hearing. However, I am shocked and worried about your claim that this product can be used for the purpose of shooting guns. All non custom products or non over the ear earmuff products are proven to provide less attenuation out side of the laboratory than when tested in a laboratory setting due to user movement. Secondly, since the NRR does not account for bone conduction hearing, the overall attenuation is actually lower than NRR. Given these facts that have been proven over and over in the research, how could 25 dB possibly be sufficient to protect the hearing of someone using a firearm. As much as I love the idea of making hearing protection fashionable and accessible to  the public, you are spreading misinformation that will cause hearing loss. I hope you learn more about the subject before putting innocent people at risk.


One thing to always remember when using safety equipment is to be sure that is is really protecting you from the risks involved with what you are doing. If EAROS had stuck to the goal of their product and remained pushing this product as strictly for musical use, this would get a high rating. Instead they tried to over reach and now they will need to add disclaimers. For what it was intended I feel EAROS is a great and innovative product worth backing. Check them out and comment below.

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