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Ember Wave: The Thermostat for Your Body

Some people struggle with feeling comfortable with the current temperature. Ask my wife. She’s always cold. Some MIT scientists tackled this simple issue and developed a simple, small solution, the Ember Wave.

Whether you are hot or cold, a lot of us struggle to feel perfectly comfortable. In my office, I wear a light jacket because everyone else likes to live in the arctic. My wife feels cold when it’s about 85 degrees. Other people struggle with constantly feeling too warm. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many great solutions to the problem.

ember wave

Ember Wave was developed to provide instant comfort without needing any additional clothing or major cooling functions. It simply provides a temperature sensation to the sensitive part of your wrist. While it appears to be outlandish, this product is backed by Bose Ventures and Intel Capital. Also, US National Science Foundation awarded grant funds for this project.


So, now that we’ve got the credentials out of the way… Ember Wave is a simple wristband. It looks like a watch. However, this band induces a sensation of cold or warm whenever you need it. Feeling a little hot? Simply tap the band on the left side of the bar and it sends a cold sensation onto your wrist. Cold? Tap the right side and feel a nice, warming sensation.

ember wave

It seems far-fetched that this simple sensation would make your whole body feel comfortable. In reality, as well as testing, your brain signals your body that it feels comfortable from this simple sensation. After a series of beta tests, there are numerous testimonies of the efficacy of this simple, yet effective product.

The developers created a simple product from appearance to function. The hardware includes a rectangular module and a magnetic wristband. Unfortunately, the whole device looks like an old calculator watch or a Life Alert band. However, it only uses one bar button for really simple functionality. Additionally, it uses a Li-ion battery and recharges using micro-USB with a 2-3 day life.

ember wave

Overall, Ember Wave is an intriguing product. It stretches into a fascinating field of science. However, this wristband doesn’t come cheap. Ember Wave costs $300 retail ($219 on Kickstarter). It seems that comfort comes at a cost. The developers have achieved over $400,000 on Kickstarter with 27 days left on the campaign. Be sure to check them out and tell us what you think about the Ember Wave!

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