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Eta Clock Doesn’t Tell Time

Families keep track of each other. Close families like to know where each family member is. But keeping a running tab on each family member can be a chore. The Eta Clock indicates where you can find special contacts at any given time without needing to ping them on their phone.

The technology world we live in demands connectivity. So our phones consume us and social media constantly asks us to check-in. Granted, most people like to stay more anonymous. However, close knit friends and family like to stay in touch. DC Creatives designed the Eta Clock to keep friends and family close without sucking you into your smartphone.

The Eta Clock provides a simple way to know where someone you love is. While it looks much like a clock, it doesn’t tell time. Eta Clock uses arrows to point to various locations. Each arrow is painted a different color to indicate a different person. An array of locations is etched in a clock-like pattern. Locations may include out, home, school, work, etc.

eta clock

The clock needs to know where you are. To track your location, you download an app, input various locations and what they represent, and allow the app to track your location. Then, using cloud-based computing, the phone relays the location to the clock. The clock rotates your representative arm to where you happen to be. So you happen to be at work? Then your colored arm will point to the work symbol without you having to check-in.

This simple mechanism comes at a hefty price. An Eta Clock sets you back $500 at retail price. So this seemingly simple contraption costs as much as a starting-grade 3D printer! I love the idea of this clock. However, $500 seems a little steep.

eta clock

Additionally, the Eta Clock requires location tracking. Fortunately, Eta Clock will not store any location data. However, location tracking turns away the more hacker-wary user. While data may not be stored, your location is tracked at any given time by the Eta Clock app.

The Eta Clock presents an elegant and simple device. It keeps track of everyone you love and helps you know that they are safe. However, the exorbitant price tag detracts from the appeal of this simple mechanism. The Eta Clock is seeking funds on Kickstarter and has achieved $15,000 of their $30,000 goal with 42 days left. Let us know if you think that this clock tracker is worth $500!

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