Everlast Notebook

Smartpens have become a popular project among entrepreneurial developers. They have become the bridge between physical and digital. The Everlast Notebook utilizes the idea of the smartpen with a much smaller price tag.


The Everlast Notebook is a reusable, spiral-bound notebook made to be compatible with the Rocketbook App. I know that I just threw two new product names at you, so I will cover them both one at a time.


The developers of Everlast Notebook previously developed the Wave Notebook. The Wave Notebook could be erased in the microwave (enough science to catch our attention).  But the Wave Notebook is old news… Along with the Wave Notebook, the Rocketbook App was developed to translate hand written or drawn material onto your digital device. Utilizing a recognition software and a smartphone camera, Rocketbook captures the image of each page and moves them into your preferred cloud services.



The Everlast Notebook differs from the Wave Notebook slightly. The pages of the Everlast Notebook are constructed from polyester composite that feels much like natural notebook paper. The polyester material combined with using a pen from the Pilot Frixion line makes the pages erasable with a damp paper towel. The reusability of the Everlast Notebook makes it a very appealing alternative to disposable paper notebooks. Whether you are looking to go green by using less paper or just wanting to take your notes onto the computer, the Everlast Notebook is a refreshing substitute for the standard paper notepad.



One of the strongest selling points of the Everlast Notebook is the price. The notebook with a black Frixion pen is only $34. Compare that price to smartpens, which run around $100.


There are plenty of uncertainties when backing a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo project, but Rocketbook has proved itself to be a successful company with a previous campaign. They have already $1.8 Million on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. At this price, the Everlast Notebook is worth your time and Rocketbook is worth your attention.

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