FITCAZE Revisited

About two weeks ago, I told you about FITCAZE. Since then, I have been in contact with the FITCAZE team, and I have some additional information that may excite you, including a special discount.


The first question I had for the team was about the verity. It is advertised to work for the iPhones 6, 6S, and 7 only. While that is true, they are working hard to make an iPhone 7 PLUS model. We will inform you when that will be available on Kickstarter or for purchase.


Next I had a few questions about the chargers. When placing your phone on the charger, it will in fact charge your phone prior to charging the external battery. This is a good feature because you do not want your phone taking twice as long to charge if you are in a hurry. I also was concerned about the length of the cord for the wireless chargers, but the team informed me that they will be about 30 inches. This is around standard length for chargers, and I do not see that as an issue at all. My final concern was the security of the dash-mounted charger. This I will have to test out for myself to give you a confident answer. They say it sticks securely, I assume via adhesive.


We at Vox Inventum love helping new starts come alive. After conversing with the FITCAZE team, they have decided to offer a special discount just for you. You have to hurry to take advantage of it because there are just 11 days left in the campaign. Just go to their Kickstarter page and pledge without specifying a reward. After you have pledged, message them and tell them that Vox Inventum sent you, and they will honor this exclusive offer. Pledge $51.14 (40£) to receive a case alone and save $8.95 (7£), or pledge $83.10 (65£) to receive your case with all of the accessories and save $12.79 (10£). Be sure to let them know we sent you and what you think of the product. Let us also know what you think in the comment section below.

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