Yet Another iPhone Case

Everyone seems to be coming out with a “new” smartphone case. Some of these new ideas are in fact helpful and productive, yet others simply reimplement old ideas. The next case that is coming, FITCAZE, actually is some of both.

As a smartphone case in this market, there are so many competitors out there that it is challenging to bring a new idea to market. FITCAZE is light weight with a sleek build, but what sets it apart from many cases is the built-in battery pack that can add an extra 80% to your battery’s life. It also claims to be the thinnest battery case in the market. This narrows the pool of direct competition, but still many offer this feature. To further distance itself from competition, FITCAZE offers wireless charging. Granted this adds about $25 to your purchase, but the case itself is about $20 less than other well known alternatives. There is just one accessory for this battery case that I have not seen before, and that is a magnetic, wireless car charger.

In terms of innovation, the magnetic car charger caught my eye. This small accessory is unique. In my car, I have a holder for my phone. It is spring-loaded and a hassle. But to have a magnetic car mount for my phone would be much more convenient. Instead of fumbling with grips, trying to “unglue” your phone from the dash, you would have the ability to take your phone on and off the charger with ease. All the while, you can be sure that it is mounted securely. Additionally, the wireless charging aspect makes this a truly innovative accessory for your phone.

To tell you the truth, I was not extremely excited about this product because I have owned a similar one in the past. In fact, Matthew uses one daily. But because of the differences it has to offer, I felt compelled to tell you about it. This is an intriguing product and one that I hope to review in person later on. I like what FITCAZE has to offer, and encourage you to look at their campaign. Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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