Adhesives for Everything


Adhesives are usually a waste and a one-time-use item. There have been numerous alternatives to tape that have made it to the market, but most of them gunk up with grime, lint, and hair. The FIXATE Gel Pad brings reusable adhesives to the next level.


FIXATE Gel Pads are thin, malleable adhesive pads that claim to hold objects with impressive strength. The gel pads were made to be able to mount speakers, a phone, or an iPad to a wall. The pads are not made for permanent mounting, which makes them ideal for situational uses. The pads are ideal for setting up temporary posters and displays for seminars. FIXATE Gel Pads go as far as claiming that a GoPro can be mounted on a skateboard for action shots.


The super adhesive gel pads come in two sizes and can be cut into any shape for individual purposes. The pad, being a very adhesive surface, does pick up a lot of gunk over time, but it is easy to clean. The pad can be easily cleaned by running under warm water and air drying. It has also been constructed out of a plastic material that is 100% recyclable.


Our only concern is whether the gel pad will maintain the adhesive surface over long periods of time. Many of these gel adhesives lose their sticky surface after a few cleanings. The longevity of the FIXATE should be tested out extensively to determine its true lifecycle.


FIXATE Gel Pads are reasonably priced at $7.50 for a pack of two and provide a simple, elegant solution to the one-time-use adhesive. Let us know what you think of the FIXATE in the comment section below!


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