Flavor Enhancer Reinvents Flavored Water

Water kind of sucks. It tastes boring. Unfortunately, water keeps us alive and healthy. Drinking more water helps improve  breath, skin complexion, energy, and weight loss. Cirkul makes drinking water delicious and convenient making healthy habits easier to keep.

Drinking water produces a lot of benefits, but it takes discipline in a world with soda, coffee, and energy drinks. All these drinks are readily available and constantly flaunted in our faces. All these drinks taste much… much better than water.

The Design

Cirkul brings flavor to an otherwise bland drink. Looking much like any other water bottle, this flavor enhancer uses insertable cartridges to inject flavor into your water. The flavor cartridges screw into the bottle top, and you adjust the flavor intensity to your taste. A one-way valve keeps the flavor from entering the bottle keeping the bottle clean.

The rise and fall of the Cirkul comes down to the flavor cartridge. Flavor cartridges include the LifeSip, FitSip, and GoSip. Each cartridge type comes with its own flavors and attributes. The LifeSip enriches the water with B-vitamins while the FitSip induces electrolytes and the GoSip powers your water with caffeine.

Our Concerns

While the variety of flavors and nutritional attributes makes the Cirkul special, it creates some concerns. Many cartridge style products exist on the market. However, many of these products fail to stay on market due to high costs and lack of exposure of business backing.

In the smallest package, the Cirkul cartridges cost $3.00 each and last for 4 bottles of water. Therefore, each bottle of Cirkul water costs $0.75. Depending on your drinking habits,  the cost could outweigh the benefits.

Additionally, if this flavor enhancer fails to catch on then flavor cartridges will become non-existent. Unfortunately, many companies with a similar format failed in the past. If the Cirkul fails to garner the public appeal that it needs, then we can expect it to fall into obscurity.

We all need water to maintain happy and healthy lifestyles. But water is bland. Cirkul makes drinking water taste better and brings variety to the flavor. This flavor enhancer could make flavored water easier, better, and more convenient. The developers are seeking publicity and funding with their IndieGoGo campaign which has raised just over $122,000. The water starter kit for the water bottle and cartridges is being offered for $30 as a backer reward. Let us know what you think of the Cirkul and if you think that this bottle will reach success on the open market.

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