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As more and more PC gamers enter the market, the demand for new and better equipment becomes greater. Kinesis Gaming has risen to the occasion with its new split, adjustable keyboard, Freestyle Edge. This is a keyboard that can be split and 100% customized with ease for any gamer.


Frestyle Edge has brought the functionality of the traditional keyboard, and taken it to the next level with its customization ability to form a high performing and easy formatting keyboard. Its 20 inch adjustable link cable makes it versatile. You can just use the left side of the board for games with ease. There are eight programmable keys  on the far left that you can program to make the left side completely stand alone for gamers. You can spread the two apart and keep the mouse in the middle for complete versatility, or you can position your microphone or joystick there. Kinesis also has the ergonomic option by adding the lift kit. This is an adjustable lift to the middle of each side of the keyboard so when installed and the keybord is pushed together it is like a tent.



Its keys are all programmable with the application installed in the keyboard’s 4mb flash drive. Just plug the Freesyle Edge into your PC and go to your computer drives, there you will see “FS Edge (D:)”. Open that and you can completely reprogram the keys with the click of a button. You can set combination codes for even more options, and finally, set the back lighting settings you want for the keys. Save and close, then just tap the on board toggle button to implement the changes. The best part about this is you do not need to download any applications because all of the software is preloaded on the keyboard’s hard drive.



Kinesis is partnered with a Taiwanese contractor that have the keyboards built in China. They have worked together for over ten years which helps reduce the beginner mistakes often seen in new startups. You can get the Freestyle Edge on Kickstarter for $125 which will save you about $94 off MSRP. For those who are not avid gamers, $219 may seem high for a keyboard as you can go to your local electronics store and pick one up for around $20. This is actually a good, competitive price and sets them right in line to be successful. Freestyle Edge is not fully funded yet on Kickstarter but still have just under a month left. Check out their campaign and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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