GARY 2.0

GARY 2.0: The Worst Developers Never Go Away

Once again, I introduce to you GARY 2.0… unfortunately. I’ve had a number of problems with this campaign, and I thought that it was all over. I was wrong. GARY 2.0 returned with the same message and the same mistakes.

So I wrote about GARY 2.0 previously and went into detail on what I thought about the product and the campaign. Their previous campaign is riddled with errors and poor communication. Due to a discrepancy in their timeline, the campaign was canceled.

They had claimed in their timeline that the backer rewards would ship by March. However, their backer rewards actually stated they would ship by June. Subsequently, enough complaints caused GARY 2.0 to cancel funding (most likely because of pressure from Kickstarter).

GARY 2.0

Directly after GARY 2.0 canceled their Kickstarter campaign, they launched an IndieGoGo campaign. The IndieGoGo campaign was plagued with similar issues and numerous complaints that carried over from the Kickstarter campaign. So IndieGoGo decided to hide their campaign and display this message “‘GARY 2.0 : Earphones & Cables Automatic Organiser’ is under review by the Trust & Safety team. Check back later or contact us if you have concerns.”

So that brings us to today. GARY 2.0 just launched a new campaign on Kickstarter. The product is mostly the same with a few minor upgrades. Overall, the same problems remain. The timeline shows that products will ship out in March of 2017 (you read that right) while the rewards show delivery in January of 2018. Additionally, the developers do not mention their past projects or rectify any issues with those campaigns.

GARY 2.0

Fortunately, some backers picked up on these issues and asked some challenging questions of the developers. The developer are actively doing damage control and placing some blame on manufacturing errors and outdated information. However, some backers claim that they have not received a GARY 2.0 after backing both projects. This seems to indicate that much more than manufacturing is awry.

After all of this horrible campaigning, GARY 2.0 still achieved $27,000 which exceeds their $6,500 goal on Kickstarter. I will always encourage you to research every crowdfunding campaign. Unfortunately, a lot of bad developers take advantage of hopeful backers. GARY 2.0 is not only questionable, it is devious. The developers are bad at communication and fail to fulfill their promises. Do your research. Study the project. Invest wisely.

Always back responsibly, and avoid campaigns like GARY.

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