Smart boards have become the staple for advanced classrooms and business boardrooms. Interactive whiteboards produce creative environments to develop ideas and critique old ones. The greatest setback to smart boards is cost and equipment. GoTouch was developed using existing smart technology to make any screen a smart surface at a fraction of the cost.


GoTouch is a small device utilizing a simple motion capturing device that tracks a pen using infrared (IR) technology. The device uses an app called Anyractive that is compatible with the GoTouch capture system. The smart device can then be paired to a screen, either a TV or a projector. The GoTouch can then be situated at a 45┬║ angle to keep the motion capture in view of the screen without being disrupted. The capture picks up the IR signal and makes the screen interactive.





Smartboards vary in price from $300 for a smart whiteboard, which lacks a projected screen, to over $2,000 for an interactive screen with visuals. The high-end screens do have special features that exceed the abilities of GoTouch, but the expense makes them out of reach for small companies and for lower budget education. The GoTouch is priced at around $140. GoTouch brings interactive displays to the home regardless of budget and works in compatibility with smart devices in most homes and businesses.





The GoTouch will have its difficulties as all smart devices that use motion capture technology. Since GoTouch uses IR for motion detection, it can be expected to function just as well as your TV remote. IR is a great tool for device communication, but it is limited to a direct visual. If your body happened to get in the way, the GoTouch would be prone to loosing connection to the pen.


GoTouch is a new innovative way to make any screen interactive. It is currently raising funds on IndieGoGo and has exceeded its goals. Be sure to check them out and let us know what you think in the comment section!


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