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I understand that the world is changing and technology is at the forefront of that change. I wonder, though, how we’ll all feel with giant tarantulas constantly roaming our neighborhoods. Yes, they’ll be quieter than Amazon’s drones. But, well, robot tarantulas. Or, more precisely, the new HEXA robot. I know that tarantulas have eight legs and the HEXA only has six. But look at it crawling around and tell me that you don’t know at least one person who, on seeing this, will scream in terror.

The thing about this creepy-crawly is that it’s less a gadget for the sheer nerdy fun of it and more of a platform. Its creators at Beijing-based Vincross say in their YouTube video that this phone-controlled, maneuverable spider is “an all-terrain robot for the real world.” They insist that it’s easily programmable, so that developers can make it do whatever they want, using the company’s standard developer kit.

Currently, Vincross has launched a Kickstarter campaign, whose purpose seems to be to market the product, rather than merely raise the relatively modest sum of $100,000. Of course, should the HEXA — which retails at $549 — deliver on its claims, one can imagine it being used to enter dangerous areas where humans fear to tread. Such as, the site claims, finding life on Mars.

One thing that is great about HEXA is its connectivity options. You can either connect via Wi-Fi on a LAN network, or you can direct connect using the app. The direct connect option is mainly for outdoor use. For this connection, HEXA creates a Wi-Fi network that you connect to in the app, and can be controlled up to 230 feet away.

In contrast to many remote-controlled vehicles, HEXA is a robot whose goal is maneuverability and programmability rather than speed. That said, There has been no mention of top speed as of yet. But far more movement data has been hyped. HEXA can climb small steps and even walk tall and straddle terrain protrusions.

The HEXA campaign has 28 days left with only about $13,000 needed to reach the goal. If this interests you at all, feel free to back their product and leave a comment below.

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