How Well Do Voice Translators Truly Work

The WT2 translator is an instant translator that is designed for use in everyday conversations. Do voice translators really work? Sure they do, but do they work well enough for it to be practical to rely on them? The most common issue that will arise is the disconnect between man and machine.

When I worked for a landscaper here in the south east of America, it was always comical getting texts from my boss about a lawn. He would always use voice-to-text on his phone and at least three times each week the word loan would appear in place of lawn. This shows that speech recognition tends to discriminate against accents. Imagine talking to someone that does not speak your language and you are talking about your grass, but what they hear is a story about the bank.

Accents are one thing, but colloquialisms are a whole different story. Words that mean something in a certain region may sound like gibberish elsewhere. These words would not translate with the correct meaning into a different language and that’s if they would translate at all. Bottom line is, there is the potential for vast confusion with the whole system.

Specifically for WT2 however, there are still a few concerns. While the sleek modern design is inviting, a stranger may balk at the thought of putting it in their own ear. They have added the ask mode, but this still only is useful in quick and short encounters, typically asking for directions. The team also touts the speed of translations of only one to three second delays. This is quite fast compared to most other translators, but it may still cause a headache for prolonged conversations.

All in all, WT2 seems like a good and handy device, but translators in general have proven to require long and detailed research. If this seems to be something you need or want, you can find a significant discount off the $200 price tag on Kickstarter. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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