The IKeybo is a multipurpose, projected keyboard. It seems to be a great tool for those of us that are constantly texting, emailing, posting and even composing. With its multi-language keyboards, it can be used all around the world, and used in limitless situations. Is this product good for you? Let’s take a closer look.


IKeybo’s goal is to make your life easier. By projecting a keyboard to the desktop, it allows you to type on any surface. Instead of using your thumbs to type, the IKeybo instantly gives your phone the feeling of a desktop. The posture you have in front of the computer, as opposed to your texting posture, could potentially improve your back and neck as you won’t be hunched over your phone anymore. Also, this posture is much more open, giving a more approachable perception to those around you. The best part about the keyboard is that it can be used for Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and English typing.


I mentioned earlier about “composing.” An awesome feature for musicians is that it is not only a QWERTY keyboard, but also has a piano keyboard setting. You can literally compose music with a keyboard right on your portable device! It projects a two-octave range on the table in front of it and you can play as if you were in front of the piano. Another great feature of the IKeybo is that if the two octaves are too small for your project, two IKeybos can be linked and played for a total of four octaves and so on.


If these features seem “okay” to you but not great, the developers wanted to add just one more thing to make it useful. If you’re like me and use your phone way more than you should throughout the day, the IKeybo can be a portable charger for any device.


So there you have it. Is this a good fit for your device usage? Comment and let us know what you think below.

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