Inirv React


Everything has been turned “smart” over the past several years. We have smart TV’s, smart watches, smart phones, and more. These products help with productivity and making life easier.  One new product does more. Inirv React makes your stove smart.


Inirv React is a device that replaces your stove knobs and controls the temperature manually, automatically, and remotely. This innovative product includes four knobs and a sensor to be sure that no unfortunate incidents occur. Its main purpose is to keep you, your family, and your house safe from the flames.




Inirv React comes with an app that connects directly with your stove so that you can remotely control the temperature. That way, getting pulled away in the middle of cooking dinner does not burn the meal and create a fire. If you are unfortunate enough to burn dinner, the sensor detects smoke and natural gas to immediately turns off the heat. Inirv React senses the lack of motion and automatically turns off the stove in the event that you walk away and forget about your cooking. You can even put the burner on a timer in the app. It is compatible to connect with other smart appliances. Imagine telling Alexa to lower the temperature so that the green beans don’t boil over.



Inirv React looks like a great product in terms of innovation and usefulness. The knobs and sensor connect via Bluetooth; and you can connect remotely via Wi-Fi. They come in black, white, and stainless steel to be able to match any kitchen. The connection seems to be the only thing that may play a negative factor. Slow or spotty connections could cause malfunctions, but it seems to be well built and a well needed accessory for the kitchen. Let us know what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow us on twitter!

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